COMM 110 Lecture 5: Notes for class - Feb 1st

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8 Feb 2017
February 1st, 2017 Notes
Chapter 2 - The Field of Communication from Historical and Contemporary
Focus Questions:
o What is the origin of the communication discipline?
o What methods do communication scholars use to conduct
o What areas of study and teaching compose the discipline of
communication today?
o What themes unify areas of study within the fields of
Overview of chapter 2
o Long and intellectual history of the discipline
o Methods of conducting research
o Surveys the major areas of the contemporary field
Classical roots
o Plato
o Aristotle
Liberal Education
o National association of Teachers of Public Speaking
o John Dewey
o National Communication Association
Steeped in humanities
Broadening the Field
o International communication association
find more resources at
find more resources at
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