COMM 110 Lecture 12: Notes for class - March 20th

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21 Mar 2017
March 20th, 2017 Notes
Interpersonal Relationship
Features of a Personal Relationship
1. Uniqueness
2. Commitment (Passion
& Investment)
3. Relationship Rules
4. Affected by contexts
Relationship Dialects
1. Opposing &
Continuous Tensions
2. Autonomy/Connection
3. Novelty vs.
4. Openness vs.
5. Neutralization/Separati
Stages of Friendship
1. Role Limited
2. Friendly Relations
3. Moving toward
4. Nascent
5. Stabilized
6. Waning friendship
Effective Interpersonal
1. Adapt to distance
2. Ensure Equity in
3. Avoid violence
4. Insist on Safe Sex
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find more resources at
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