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Lecture 13

COMM 110 Lecture Notes - Lecture 13: Interpersonal Communication, Safe Sex, StorgePremium

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COMM - Communication
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COMM 110
Lynne Orr

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1. March 27, 2017 Notes
A gap love, love is selfless, can refer to god’s unconditional love.
Ludus love, playful and there’s no commitment;
Eros love, romantic love, physical and emotional attraction
Mania love, refers to obsessive love, partner views you as a possession
Pragma love, logical and realistic love, unromantic/romantic can be long
Storge love, friendship based love, lacks passion, can become attached.
1. Relationships are inevitably messy
2. Both partners may have different needs or opposing viewpoints
and tensions may occur.
Autonomy and connection
3. Self-determination/independence
4. Independence and connection are both equally necessary
Novelty and predictability
5. Novelty desire for new and exciting
6. Predictability desire for the familiar and comfortable
Openness and closedness
7. Sharing information is the basis of any relationship
8. Despite this, privacy and personal space is also necessary.
9. Moving apart from someone or a situation
10. Usage - When there’s no way to visibly resolve the conflict
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