COMM 110 Lecture Notes - Lecture 14: George Herbert Mead

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29 Mar 2017
1. March 29, 2017
Self-Identity and Intrapersonal Communication
Other people influence how you see yourself
Culture and communication are influenced closely.
How we think and feel about ourselves helps on how we communicate.
Understanding the self
oThe self
Is an ever-changing system of perspective
Is formed and sustained in communication with others and
Aspects of Personal Identity
oConsists of perspective: ways that people view life.
Life, education, family, etc.
oThe self is dynamic
Complicated and has many pieces
oPerspectives on the self are a system
Ex: introvert and extrovert
oCommunication is a critically important influence on us
The self is multidimensional
oMany facets to the self
oGeorge Herbert Mead
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find more resources at
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