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HIST 211 Lecture 1: Hist 211 notes

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Winthrop University
HIST 211

Hist 211 th April 18 2017 Careening Toward the Civil War Fire eaters people who were advocating to go to war, wanted to go to war to protect slavery The two partys dissolves: there becomes a collapse in alignments, political parties become more about where people are from rather than what the parties are (sectionalism) Reasons for the start of the civil war: Misconnection between the north and south every time there was a law passed against slaves and slave owners, the south thought that there was a conspiracy against them Sectionalism People wanted more money and power (both people in the north and the south) Political differences between the north and the south The north growing greater in wealth The political crisis The secession crisis: the south wanting to secedes from the union The mistrust of politicians Lack of religious construction: slaves have a lack of religious, the owners wouldnt allow the slaves to have religious views South thought Abraham Lincoln was trying to take away slaves even though he didnt want to do that he didnt think that it was his position to deal with the rights of slaves Debates about the constitution Confederation a more or less permanent union of country with some political power vested in a central authority They didnt have any power because all of the power was in the states. they did this because they were afraid of the government have all the power so then the power was in the states
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