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Lecture 3

MGT 210 Lecture 3: Ch 12

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MGT 210

Leader – one who influences other to attain goals The greater the number of followers, the greater the influence The best leaders 1. Challenge the process- conventional beliefs and practices to create constructive change 2. Inspire a shared vision- appeal to people’s values and motivate them to care 3. Enable other to act – give them access to information and power to perform to full potential 4. Model the way- living examples of what to do 5. Encourage the heart- show appreciation, provide rewards, and use approaches to motivate people in positive ways Vision – mental image of a possible and desirable future state of organization Both ideal (communicates a standard of excellence) and unique (inspire pride in being different) Necessary for effective leadership 1. Must include more than just leader’s needs 2. Must include stakeholder needs 3. Must stay on top of environmental changes Management must deal with day-to-day stuff; effective leadership includes effecting change Supervisory leadership – behavior that provides guidance, support, and corrective feedback for the day to day activities Strategic leadership – gives purpose and meaning to organizations; creating a future Power- the ability to influence people Legitimate power – has the right to tell others what to do; employees are obligated to comply Reward – controls valued rewards; pay raises and performance compensation Coercive- control over punishments; people comply to avoid this Referent- personal characteristics that appeal to others; people want to be like them Expert – people believe that they can learn from that expertise Trait approach- focuses on individual leaders to determine what sets them apart Drive – high level of effo
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