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Lecture 5

MKT 220 Lecture Notes - Lecture 5: Kmart, Kroger, Direct Selling

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MKT 220

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Retailing – transactions in which ultimate consumers are the buyers
Purchases for personal, household or family life
Occurs through stores/establishments – direct selling, marketing, vending machines
Retailers – purchase products for the purpose of reselling them to consumers for profits
Add value and create utility
Strong customer focus, product quality, and innovation
General Merchandize Retailers – offers a variety of product lines
Department stores (Macy, Dillard’s, Sears)
Large retail organizations characterized by wide product mixes and organized into
separate departments
Self-service (Walmart, Target, K-Mart)
Self-service offering brand name and private brand products at low prices
Supermarkets (Kroger)
Large, self-service that carry a complete line of food products
Superstores (Walmart supercenters, super kmart)
Giant retail outlers that carry food and nonfood product
Hyper market – Carrefour
Stores that combine supermarket and discount shopping in one location
Warehouse club – large scale, members only that combine cash-and-carry wholesaling
Warehouse showroom (ikea) large, low cost buildings with large on premise inventories
Convenience stores – service merchandise: form of warehouse showroom where consumers
Retail Stores contd.
Specialty retailers – limited line and single line
Carry a narrow product mix and deep product lines
Have higher costs and higher margins – provide more product selection
Off-price manufacturers: buy manufacturers overruns and offseason merchandise
Charge less than department stores and offer fewer customer services
Long term relationships with suppliers to ensure regular flow of merchandise
Category killers- concentrate on major product category – compete on basis of low prices and
product availability
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