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Gender and Women's Studies
GWS 4100

LOCKMAN ZACHARY (Orientalism and the Ottoman Empire) -Translated Arabic writings on medicine, mathematics, astronomy and other sciences were for centuries used as textbooks in medieval Europe -Realization of rich culture and treated Islam as “false religion” and refute any contributions that Muslims have made to the human civilizations [strong Europe/Western tradition]—not just a Crusades thing, from the beginning (since Prophet Muhammad claimed Islam true religion) th th -European made some efforts in late 11 c and esp 12 cent to gain more accurate knowledge of Islam at the same time distorted images (so essentially, both inaccurate and some accurate representations of Islam) -Crusades & trade &travel brought Muslim societies close to medieval Christian Europeans -Islam seen more alien and threatening than other cultures (at this time Europe trying to figure out own i.d) “Thus is there is such a thing as a Europe. Outlook on the world, a sense of what European is as distinct from non-European, it develop and define itself in opposition to Islamic civilization” -Edward Said What is Orientalism? -Orient helped define Europe (and West) as its
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