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PSY 1010
Professor Shively

PSY 1010 Notes 8/30/13 William James: know how to use the mind, not always WHY it works. Applied. Sigmund Freud: applied psychology, work defines us. Ex: work can be fulfilling or unfulfilling, and that creates the person that you are today. McHaylie: coined the idea of a “flow” sense of being. This means that when you become so involved in something that nothing else seems to really matter, and the job that you’re doing isn’t too easy, to become bored, or too hard, to become stressed. “Getting in the zone.” I/O Psychology: tries to answer the question, “how do we make you happier at work?” - Job analysis: asking people what you do. How should we go about motivating our workers? - Personnel Psychology: involves testing employees, and collecting resources such as biographical data, etc. - Interview o Unstructured: they ask you really weird of irrelevant questions. It tells you nothing about whether the person is qualified or not. Ex: what’s your favorite color? If you can be an animal, what would it be? o Structured: contrasts
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