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Wright State University-Main Campus
PSY 1010
Professor Shively

PSY 1010 Notes 9/4/13 I/O Psychology: what’s the point? : helps increase productivity, less accidents, lower probability of resignation, less skipping work, which is all a part of increased job satisfaction. Job satisfaction creates an incentive to work harder. - Job Self-Esteem: the idea that you can control destiny at work. - Engagement: the genuine feeling that the employee really matters to the company. How well one identifies to their company. - Contentedness: meets employee’s expectations, but no guarantee that they’re engaged at work. - Considerate Style: manager style, care about you, communicate clearly to you. Show you how to fix things that are wrong in a nice way. - Delegation: boss pulls their own weight instead of doing nothing but giving orders. - Work physical conditions aids in the productivity of employees. - Office landscape: plays a big role in how employees see others, if they’re more ugly, positive, etc. Bring in color, light, workers, etc. to workspace to make it more psychologically enjoyable. - Social loafing: groaning when needing to work together, how to make that stop happening. - Leadership: take one for the team, play huge role in job satisfaction. Human factor psychology: focus on making things/prices and human error more useable. Creates things for human
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