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Wright State University-Main Campus
PSY 1010
Professor Shively

PSY 1010 Notes 9.11.13 Data & Statistics - Normal Distribution: symmetrical “bell curve” in which scores are generally around the middle. That’s because usually people are in the middle of the sample, and there are always a few extremes. Ex: if the stats are about IQ, sometimes there are people with really high IQ, really low IQ, but usually an IQ that’s right in the middle. - Inferential Statistics: analyze data to test a hypothesis, helps to make predictions and inferences. Testing allows for the researcher to compare two means, and help to determine the accuracy of the findings rather than the rare “chances” something may happen. “t-test” CHAPTER 6 Consciousness: aware-ness of surroundings, and what’s going on in someone’s mind. Being awake vs. being aware. - William James: our awareness is just the “meandering of our mind,” in a sense. There’s also the direction of consciousness, when we direct our thoughts in a particular direction to solve a problem, etc. He wanted to focus on studying the whole package of psychology rather than just studying an aspect of it, he was a huge critic of psychology that has helped to shape it to what it is today. - Daydreaming: the “meandering” of our minds rather than keeping our minds focused in a particular direction. o May be quite adaptive, and useful. Ex: helps remind us of other things that need to be done. It helps to keep our nerves calm by thinking through everything to make sure everything was done appropriates, ex: did I lock the door? Did I turn the coffee pot off? o May be negative, too. It can cause anxiety, overthinking, etc. It can cause unrealistic and unachievable hopes. o Some researchers believe that daydreaming can cause tension. - Freud: believes that 80% of our minds and thoughts are out of our conscious awareness. Uses the analogy of an iceber
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