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Wright State University-Main Campus
PSY 1010
Professor Shively

Summary of the Class Syllabus for Syllabus Quiz! 8.26.13  This class is taught by Matthew Shively, his office is in 325A Fawcett Hall, office hours are MW 9-9:50am, phone number is 937.775.2391, and his email is [email protected]  If you have any questions about SONA or experiments, contact David Periard at [email protected]  Campus is closed 9/2, 11/11, 11/27-11/29.  Refer to your online schedule for your specific class time.  Textbook: Feist, & Rosenberg, (2012). Psychology: Connections and perspectives. McGraw-Hill Incorporated, NY, NY. & Access Code for McGraw-Hill Connect (for labs).  You need to review powerpoints and the textbook before every lecture to be best prepared, and you also need to respect the other students in the lecture so everyone has an equal opportunity to learn the material.  Email Professor Shively or your lab TA if you have questions, unless they’re questions concerning experiments, SONA, or athissue with your computer.  Online Syllabus Quiz due Sept. 17 (20 points). You must score a 14/20 to pass this quiz, and be able to unlock all other online quizzes. If you do not take this quiz by the 17 , you still need to take it to unlock all other quizzes, you will just receive a 0 for the quiz.  Online Exam 1 due Sept. 27 , 60 points.  Online Exam 2 due Oct. 28 , 60 points. th  Online Exam 3 due Nov. 18 , 60 points.  Online Exam 4 due Dec. 15 , 60 points.  Final Dec. 11 , 10:15-12:15pm in 120 Med Sci, 100 points.  Labs and Integrated writing, worth up to 240 points.  Up to 43 potential extra credit points.  A maximum of 643/600 points available for the class.  4 class modules: exams, labs, integrated writing, and research participation.  If you meet the research credit requirement, there will be no impact on your letter grade. But if you do not meet the minimum of 9 credits, your letter grade will lower by 5%, (ex: 93%A to an 88%B).  You have 5 chances to take an online quiz to get the score you would like. Once those chances are used up, you’re done. The highest score of the 5 will automatically be used as your official grade.  You have 60 minutes to complete an online exam, after you sign an honors pledge. At the end of your exam be sure to view the exam and “submit” it for it to go through. You cannot receive a printout of your exam. After your exam you will automatically be shown which questions you got wrong and which questions were right!  IF YOU ARE TAKING ONLINE EXAMS FROM HOME, DOWNLOAD THE LOCK DOWN BROWSER TO COMPUTERS TO RECEIVE EXAM FEEDBACK.  REDEPTION WEEK: if you have exams you didn’t take or grades you would like to try to better improve (and you still have remaining chances to retake the exam), you can retake all exams from 8am 11/25-11:59p 12/15.  IF STUDENT IS FOUND TO BE CHEATING ON ONLINE EXAMS, THEY WILL RECEIVE AN AUTOMATIC F IN THE COURSE.  You must attend labs in order to receive your integrated wri
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