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PSY 1010
Professor Shively

PSY 1010 Notes 9.13.13  Attention can have the focus of a spotlight or that of a laser. o It’s a limited resource. o It allows us to focus just on what’s important to focus on.  Vigilant Decrement: after about 15 mins of doing boring work our minds will start to wonder around.  Circadian Rhythms: seasonal depression, and mating patterns. They’re rhythms based around the changing seasons.  Selective Attention: being able to put your attention into one place and being able to tune out a lot of the irrelevant stuff. o Ex: cocktail party effect: you can tune out everyone else around you in that noisy environment and focus on a particular conversation. o Inattentional blindness: when you ignore things or tune things out without even realizing it.  Ex: when you’re accused of only hearing the things that you want to hear.  Apparently this is what marriage is according to prof. shively. o
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