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Lecture 1

BIOL 206 Lecture 1: Zoology Lecture Notes JC

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Winthrop University
BIOL 206
Ingrid L.Stefanovic

Jamica Cooper8252015T. Dobzhansky Was geneticist, he says nothing makes sense. Evolution define as slow change. The living world is always changing and it changes very slowly. Microevolutionchange win speciesMacroevolution the appearance of new species and disappearance of new ones1890Inheritance of acquired characteristics1858Natural Selection (Darwins Idea)Survival of the fittest and reproducing.1900Mutation1930Synthetic Theory=NeoDarwinismFrench Revolution led to the raise of Neapolitan. Neopolian appointed scientists to take care of the zoo. Lamarck Animals change over time. Ex: Giraffes that stretch their neck. (Use to have a short neck) He was wrong. You cant alter your DNA that something you do in your lifetime.WeismannDecided to test Lamarck theory. Did this by testing mice by cutting their tails off. Proved Lamarck wrong. Epigenetics study of protein and molecules that turn your DNA on and off. (what kind of prove Lamarck theory right.)Ex: Pregnant mother going through famine. Charles DarwinDid reading of Lamarck, Malthus and Lyell. They influenced Darwin thinking. Darwin was responsible for Artificial Selection. MalthusHuman population tend to increase. Population get to big and run out of resources. LyellGeological change is very slow and created by natural processes. The Earth is old and change can be gradual. Ex: Mountains and Earthquakes. Natural Selection (Darwin)1.Natural Resources are limited (M. Contribute)2.Fertility rates are high more = offspring are produced than the environment can support. (M. Contribute)3.Competition for limited resources. 4.All individuals are not identical. Variability exists and is heritable. 5.Some individuals will be better competitors than others.6.Better competitors leave more offspring.7.Competition of the next generation will change. Lyells Contribution8.Earth is old, many generations have passed. 9.Gradual accumulation of small changes.10.Slow, qualitative change.Wallace sent Darwin a letter about Natural Selection. (both contributed to natural selection)MendelContribute to the pea plant. Explains inheritance.
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