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Lecture 10

PLSC 201 Lecture 10: Civil Rights

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Political Science
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PLSC 201

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92717 Civil Rights Protection by govt Positive rights o Freedom to, not freedom from Concerned with both opportunity and outcome (conflicts arise here) o Sometimes means treating people unequally Ex: foot race that cannot be restarted where one contender has a ball and chain around his leg. Halfway through, we realize it is not fair, so we take the ball and chain off, but now he is behind the other contender, but now any kind of push for the contender who was behind would now be unfair for the contender with no disadvantage 3 Important PeriodsEras in Civil Rights (1) Immediately after the Civil War o Rights for black people 13 Amendment: no slavery (unless it is a punishment for crime) 14 Amendment: extends citizenship, due process rights, and equal protection to the former slaves 15 Amendment: vote to black men o These were gutted by several things Whites only primary: only one party at the time (Democratic) Run by the elite whites from the black belts If there is no real competition, the democratic nominee won Poll taxes Pay a fee (tax) to be allowed to vote Due in spring (planting season) o This prevented black people and poor whites from being able to afford it because they needed a good harvest; had to choose between buying seed or going to vote Retroactive o If you did not pay last year and you can afford it this year, you must pay both Literacy tests Tests of understanding o Ex: take a section of the Georgia state constitution and have them interpret it to the liking of those in charge o Ex: test in Mississippi was running soap under water until it was gone and then saying how many bubbles were made o SC: 8 box voting every constitutional office must have its own ballot box and whatever ballot goes in the wrong box
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