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Lecture 3

L41 BIOL 2651 Lecture Notes - Lecture 3: Electronic Health Record, Medical Classification

Biology And Biomedical Sciences
Course Code
L41 BIOL 2651
Polites Gregory

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Understanding! !and! !Managing! !the! !Stressors! !in! !Medicine
2018! !Global! !Medprep! !Scholars! !Program
Pre-app! !opens! !oct! !2
A. Residents! !work! !longer! !and! !harder! !hours! !so! !shut! !up.
B. Planning! !is! !the! !most! !important
C. Stressors
a. Physical
i. Training! !is! !hard
ii. Long! !hours
iii. Erratic! !hours
iv. Heavy! !workload! !(esp.! !residency)
v. “All! !consuming”! !lifestyle
1. Specialty! !for! !everyone
2. Different! !for! !different! !specialties
vi. The! !pressure! !to! !do! !it! !all
b. Mental
i. Enormous! !volume! !of! !information
1. Learning! !while! !you're! !working
2. Steep! !learning! !curve.
ii. Stress! !of! !decision! !making! !while! !still! !in! !the! !process! !of! !learning
iii. Working! !and! !studying! !while! !exhausted
iv. Meeting! !the! !expectations! !of! !others
c. Physician! !errors
i. Tentative! !and! !conservative! !work! !also! !usually! !comes! !after! !errors.! !Not
good! !either
ii. Talking! !with! !family! !reduces! !lawsuits
iii. Safety! !mechanisms! !in! !place! !to! !prevent
d. Litigation! !stress
i. Most! !of! !us! !will! !be! !sued.! !Average! !physician:! !1/7! !years
ii. High! !risk! !specialties! !get! !sued! !much! !more
1. Malpractice! !insurance! !is! !super! !high
iii. Over! !80%! !fall! !in! !favor! !of! !the! !physicians
e. Bureaucratic! !stress
i. Medical! !coding! !and! !billing
ii. Electronic! !medical! !records
iii. Lack! !of! !decision! !making! !authority
1. Find! !diagnosis! !to! !keep! !sick! !patient! !in! !hospital
iv. Lack! !of! !autonomy
1. Doing! !the! !right! !thing! !sometimes! !leads! !to! !patient! !dissatisfaction
a. Best! !to! !explain! !it! !to! !them,! !hopefully! !they'll! !be! !happy
v. Increase! !time! !pressure! !demands
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