Chem 481 Lecture 28: Lecture 28

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Washington University in St. Louis
University College - Chemistry
University College - Chemistry Chem 481
Patti Gary

Linoleic Acid (18:2) 1) Acetyl CoA Carboxylase FAS1 (Fatty Acid Synthase 1): 2) Condensation 3) Reduction 4) Dehydration 5) Reduction 6) Translocation 7) Recharging Must be a homodimer to be fully activated. Fatty Acid Synthase 1 (FAS 1) 1) Addition of Acetyl group from Acetyl-CoA a) Acetyl group attached to an S attached to the KS b) Malonyl group added from Malonyl-CoA. c) Have a malonyl group attached to an S attached to ACP and Acetyl group to S to KS. 2) Condensation (KS) a) Malonyl group attacks Acetyl group and releases a CO2 from the carboxyl group of the malonyl group. b) S on KS is protonated now. c) ACP attached to S-C=O-CH2=C=O-CH3 (4 carbon molecule with S) 3) Reduction of β-keto group (KR) a) Converts an NADPH + H+ -> NADP+ 4) Dehydration (DH) 5) Reduction of C=C (ER) a) Conve
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