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Lecture 12

PSY 320 Lecture 12: Sensorimotor System

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Western Washington University
PSY - Psychology
PSY 320

Psych 320 4/28/17 Topics in Behavioral Neuroscience Sensorimotor System A. Awakenings next Friday - Third article next Wednesday B. Somasensory cortex between parietal and frontal lobe - Primary motor cortex in frontal cortex C. Functional neuroanatomy - Sensorimotor system - Neuropsychological disorders- when things go awry. Ex: Parkinsons - Reward centers D. The sensorimotor system - Sensory information enters the brain. Ex: Stepping on somethings sharp or putting your hand on the stove. - Can have these responses without brain (spinal chord reflexes.) E. Sensory receptors - Ex: skin senses-heavy pressure, vibration, light touch, skin stretch - Temperature receptors, pain receptors - Chemical receptors, pressure receptors, light receptors - Thermoreceptor: Na+ and Ca++ channel sensitive to temperature. - Mechanoreceptors, propioreceptors (stretching of a muscle) - Senses go to spinal cord, then make their way to the brain - There is some anatomical dissociation of different types of info coming in. ex: touch vs pain. Both coming into spinal cord, but differences in how they ascend into brain stem and into the brain. F. Dorsal – Column Medial- Lemniscus System - Touch and proprioception
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