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Lecture 15

PSY 320 Lecture 15: Neurobiology of Stress

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PSY - Psychology
PSY 320

Psych 320 5/8/17 Topics in Behavioral Neuroscience Neurobiology of Stress A. Awakenings Book - Proceeding encephalitis—they had the flu. (The Spanish Flu) - For some that recovered, it preceded for some the encephalitis lethargia. - Correlation. Not proved to be causational. - Giving them L-DOPA ‘freed them’ so must have had to do with dopamine systems. - Eventually effected them motor and cognitively. B. HPA axis and sympathetic arousal has to do with stress - Brain- anterior pituitary-adrenal cortex-glucocorticoids (HPA axis) - Adrenal cortex releases cortisol/ glucocorticoids into bloodstream. - Brain- sympathetic nervous system- adrenal medulla- norepinephrine (noradrenaline) and epinephrine (adrenaline) (Sympathetic arousal) C. Stress goes to pituitary gland and hypothalamus - Pituitary gland—adrenocorticotropic hormone (ACTH)—adrenal medulla—secretion of catecholamines - Stress- hypothalamus—corticotropin—pituitary gland (see above path) - Stress—hypothalamus—autonomic nervous system (sympathetic division)—adrenal medulla--- secretion of catecholamines D. Sympathetic arousal is short term stress response and HPA axis is long term stress response. - Sympathetic arousal involves the kidney (arousal gland) - Both come online during stressful situation – but cortical response comes on a little bit slower but lingers a lot longer. E. Brain regions involved in stress response - Hypothalamus - Other regions activate the hypothalamic stress pathways, but are also activated by it and mediate stress responses including - Locus coeruleus - Amygdala - Hippocampus - Frontal cortex F. Memory—thal
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