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Lecture 14

PSY 344 Lecture 14: False Identification

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Western Washington University
PSY - Psychology
PSY 344

Psych 344 41917 Psych of the Law False Identification A. Briefing a legal caserelated to eyewitness identification No exact due date yet Kind of like writing an abstract for a legal case. Legal brief: summary of a supreme court decision. Keep it to two pages max (double spaced) Make sure to indicate lower court decisions too Set precedent for future Dont deal with issue number oneonly issue number two in neil vs biggers. Roman numeral II is where the issue is hit. (Case facts.) III is judges discussion and reasoninglegal precedent, relevant state federal laws. Over weekend, read case through twice. B. How do we study eyewitness accurately? Lab and field studiesex: get permission to try to cash bad check, and have bank tell ID them a week later Target present lineups contains target suspect Correct identifications Target absent lineups (contains innocent suspectfoil) does not contain target suspect. People placed in the lineup are known innocents. Sometimes police will have an innocent suspect. We need to know how often an eyewitness picks these innocents. False identifications if pick the innocent person. Correct identification= 41.8 of studies 35.8 false identification of studies
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