PSY 351 Lecture 4: Scizophrenia and related disorders

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PSY - Psychology
PSY 351
Stephanie Grimm

Psych 351 Abnormal Psych 4/20/17 Schizophrenia and related disorders. A. Presentation sign up Tuesday - 10-12 minutes - Tie it to the memoirs - Check final schedule. B. Schizophrenia spectrum - Brief psychotic disorder to schizophreniform to schizophrenia - Most are brief psychotic episodes—observed or known. Self-report or friends or family. - One or two episodes = brief psychotic disorder. Up to 6 months= schizophreniform. Longer than 6 months= schizophrenia. - Can still be diagnosed with schizophrenia without having been diagnosed with brief psychotic disorder or schizophreniform disorder. - Ex: can tell psychologist that this have been happening for months, years etc. C. Schizophrenia Core Domains - Positive symptoms (need at least one of the first three and at least one other.) Visual and auditory can often go together, but auditory is the most common. - Delusions - Hallucinations - Disorganized speech—world salad. Connections are so loose that it appears to be none. Sometimes more organized but loose. Ex: These trees are very green, these trees are my stomach. Echolalia- speech can also be repeating what heard. Or clangs-words that hold together with sound. Ex: Clang, bang. - Disorganized or catatonic behavior-can include not grooming oneself, movements in circles/a lot of pacing. Catatonic behavior- absolute stillness/ rigid behavior. Can also be more agitated/ energetic. Ex: flapping/ repetitive motion that don’t seem to have much meaning - Negative symptoms (ex: restricted affect (blank emotional expression. Flat/blunted) avolition (lack of motivation/will) associability.) - Do not want to take any symptom in isolation. Ex: Hair twirling does not mean you have schizophrenia or even a symptom of it. - Medications used to treat schizophrenia work better for positive symptoms. - So, negative symptoms can be especially difficult to maintain relationships, jobs, etc... - Is not a number for how many negative symptoms one needs for a diagnosis. D. Suicide - 8 fold increase - 20-40% attempt - 5-13% complete E. ¼ of people with schizophrenia live at home. 1/3 liv
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