PSYC 353 Lecture Notes - Lecture 2: Ted (Conference), Jackson Katz, Violence Against Women Act

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11 Jan 2018
History of Anti-Violence Against Women
Class Notes
Xavier’s Title IX can assist/connect victims with resources
Women Helping Women
Violence against women/girls includes the following:
-Rape = forced sexual contact
-Intimate partner violence (IPV) (previously referred to as wife beating and domestic
violence) both partners can be the victim/perpetrator
-Stalking emotional/psychological toll; social media too (privacy features)
-Workplace sexual harassment can be verbal or physical
-Physical assault
-Sex trafficking
-child marriages
-female genital mutilation
The Civil Rights and Women’s Rights Movements during the 1960s and 70s significantly
influenced political and societal action against violence toward women/girls
-Two major movements emerged:
1) The Battered Women’s Movement
2) Anti Rape Movement
-Domestic violence and sexual assault became mainstream issues
-Effective Service delivery models and Advocacy were developed and are still in
use today
-Kitty Genovese case bystander effect (we are less likely to help someone in crisis
when there are more people present)
Legislation was finally passed in 1994 to hold perpetrators of violence accountable at the federal
-Key outcomes:
-Violence Against Women Act (1994)
-Sexual Violence on Campus Report & U.S. Department of Education influence
how colleges and universities respond to violence against women
-The military and prison systems are also required to follow federal guidelines on
how they respond to violence
-Previously lots of stigma associated with rape victims
Rape has been recognized as a crime since the colonial period; but it was deeply flawed
legislation in that women were viewed as property and only certain women (class/race) were
-Chief Justice Sir Matthew Hale quote
find more resources at
find more resources at
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