PSYC 353 Lecture Notes - Lecture 9: Kevin Spacey, Mary P. Koss, Sexual Assault

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6 Feb 2018
Chapter 4: Rape and Sexual Assault on Campus
-Rape and sexual assault = harsh reality for women
-Recent examples in media Larry Nassar, Bill Cosby, Kevin Spacey
-Women fleeing war-torn countries are often victims of rape and sexual assault
-Changes based on defining party (i.e. criminal justice, policy makers, social scientists)
-Society “aggressive act committed by stranger”
-Reality often committed by someone known (friend, co-worker, romantic partner)
Rape and Sexual Assault:
-Sexual assault = broad category of nonconsensual sexual behaviors
-Rape = extreme sexual assault which involves penetration of a person’s body without consent;
occurs through coercive act, such as force, intentional incapacitation/verbal threats
-Both are legal terms and are criminally punishable
-Both can co-occur with other types of VAW
-Sexual harassment in the workplace includes rape and violates 3 federal laws
-Sexual harassment on college campuses expanded in 2011 to include rape and sexual
Historical Perspective:
-60 years ago 1st attempt to document rape on college campus
-Sampled 163 women
-Study reported frequency and severity data:
1) attempts at kissing
2) petting above the waist
3) petting below the waist
4) sexual intercourse
5) sexual intercourse accompanied by pain
-62% had experiences at least one form of sexual aggression
-Should have corrected the skewed belief of stranger rape
-Most studies are conducted in correctional facilities so that belief continues to persist
-30% reported attempted intercourse or intercourse with violence
Groundbreaking study Mary Koss (1987)
-Victimization in higher education (federally funded)
-20% of women had been victimized
-8% of men had perpetrated
-Mainstream media publicized results, but attention didn’t
-Obama brought attention back to sexual assault on campuses with White House Task Force on
keeping students safe from sexual assault (
-Prevalence amongst identities
find more resources at
find more resources at
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