PSYC 353 Lecture Notes - Lecture 13: Mass Murder, Speed Dating, Relational Aggression

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21 Feb 2018
Chapter 7: Gender-Based Violence in Schools
Class Notes
“Can schools prevent mass shootings? Sandy Hook parents train teachers to help at-risk
students” video:
-Ferguson High School
-Wanted to find the warning signs in order to prevent further mass shootings
-Sandy Hook Promise training program
-“Say Something” teachers kids to tell an adult if they see/hear something suspicious
-Has prevented suicides and potential shootings
-Need to deal with minor conflicts before a major conflict results
-Schools that have “zero tolerance policies” make students less likely to report incidents
-Need to address underlying problem, not automatically suspend/expel
-Speed friending like speed dating, but an effort to have people get to know others
-Pass positive notes and encourage others to join people eating alone at lunch = other options to
-Gender: socially constructed expectations for the appropriate roles, behaviors, and attributes of
men and women as masculine or feminine
-Gender-based violence examples:
-Mass murder
-Sexual assault
-School shootings
-Perpetrators are predominantly white males
-Mass murder used to resolve interpersonal conflict and assert dominance
-Socially defined concepts of masculinity play a role
-According to the U.S. Department of Education…
-53 school-related violent deaths in the U.S. 2013-2014
-850,100 non-fatal victimizations among students ages 12-18 (2014)
-22% reported being bullied in school
-15% of females and 13% of males reported they were made fun of/called names
-More males report bullying and committing gender-based violence than females
-Females at higher risk for indirect bullying “relational aggression”
-Gender = key feature of both bullying and violence in schools that shapes victims and
Sexual Harassment and Assault
-A national sample of 7-12th graders found…
-Nearly 50% reported experiencing some form of sexual harassment at school
-1 in 3 students were sexually harassed online or through electronic means
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find more resources at
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