PSYC 353 Lecture Notes - Lecture 18: Victim Blaming, Restorative Justice, Arson

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22 Mar 2018
Chapter 11 (alternate textbook): Female Homicide
Video: Infamous MurdersWomen Who Kill (History Channel)
-2% of death row population = female
-Murder lovers and family members typically
-Winnie Judd shot two females (Laroy and Samuelson)
-Alma Rattenbury
-Had affair with 17 year old George Stoner Stoner killed Alma’s husband
-Stoner sentenced to death for his murder; Alma = accomplice
-Alma killed herself
-Ulrike Marie Meinhof = German left-wing militant who founded Red Army Faction
-Killed herself in her jail cell
-Resorted to terror to change a society she loathed
-Baader-Meinhof gang
-Aileen Wuornos
-Product of an abusive childhood
-Serial killer would hitchhike, shot the men, and steal their money
-Tyra More = lover; betrayed Wuornos by leaving her and turning her in
-Executed by lethal injection
-What do the three women have in common? love/demand for justice/revenge
-Got caught up in the moment and responded with violence PASSIONATE
I. Supplementary Homicide Reports (SHR)
-Official police-recorded statistics on almost all murders and non-negligent manslaughter
incidents in the United States.
-FBI has compiled this data since the late 1970’s.
-Data includes demographic characteristics of the victims and offenders, their relationship to one
another and situational features of the homicide (ie., weapon used).
-SHR data provide a detailed nationwide portrait of homicide incidents over time
Prevalence of Female Homicide
-Of the 16,667 homicides victims in 2005
-3,545 (21%) were women
-Male victimization rates per 100,000 was 8.7
-Female victimization rates per 100,000 was 2.4
-Of the male and female homicide offenders
-Young adults (18-24) have the highest rates of offending (because their pre-frontal
cortices are not fully developed; very impulsive)
-11% of W homicide offenders are female and 8% of AA females are homicide offenders
-Homicide offending in the US peaked in the 1990’s and has steadily declined for all
races and genders
-However, the gender gap in homicide rates has widened since the 1980s for all ages and
-Are women becoming more violent
-A narrowing in the gender gap for assault cases may provide some evidence
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