PSYC 353 Lecture Notes - Lecture 19: Emergency Contraception, Active Listening

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26 Mar 2018
Chapter 15: Survivors of Sexual Violence
Class Notes
History of Rape Crisis Movement
-Community-based responses to sexual violence emerged in the early 70’s
-Over time, these early groups evolved into small independent, freestanding organizations staffed
by volunteer paraprofessionals (has some experience with the field, but aren’t
-Federal and state funding led to increased requirements for credentialed staff and more
oversight (i.e., board of directors)
-By the 1980’s, there was a shift toward collaboration with larger social service organizations.
-Stand alone sexual assault programs
-Dual sexual assault and DV programs
-Multiservice agencies
-University-based programs
-Today there is a greater emphasis on providers having a wider range of skills (cultural
competency, active listening, assessment and intervention strategies
Core Services for Sexual Assault Survivors
-3 main Rape Crisis Service Types:
-Crisis Intervention
-Medical/legal advocacy
-Crisis Intervention (CI) primary goal is establishing the client’s immediate safety and
increasing their ability to cope effectively.
-Effectiveness of (CI)
-Wasco (2004) provided evidence that survivors experienced less emotional distress and
gained access to valuable resources***
-Townsend (2010) 42% of survivors found crisis hotlines helpful***
***be familiar with these for test
Rape Crisis Counseling Services
-Individual and group counseling is usually offered free of charge (don’t need insurance either)
-Services are either offered by paraprofessionals or credentialed therapists
-Common goals of counseling
-Return to pre-trauma functioning
-Help survivors understand trauma responses
-Reducing emotional distress
-Building coping skills and social support
-Counseling Effectiveness
-Wasco 2004, Howard 2003 & Townsend 2010 all provide evidence that counseling
services are effective for survivors*** (see textbook for evidence/data for exam)
Medical and Legal Advocacy
-Rape crisis staff are helpful when survivors need medical to legal advocacy
find more resources at
find more resources at
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