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Lecture 4

EGYP 110 Lecture 4: Astarte and the Insatiable Sea

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EGYP 110

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his two oxen. I will adore you... men. I will adore the...I will adore the Sky, her {dwelling place...the Earth...the Sky. Now when...the Earth, the Earth became order that I might [un]cover its...[Then] they bent down as if.... Thereupon [each] one embraced [the other. Now] after seven days the Sky...ed...and descended upon...the Sea, and...the Earth gave birth to...the four regions of the [Earth]... in its midst as if suspended....[hi]s throne of Ruler, l.p.h., and he...ed and delivered unto him court. Thereupon Ernutet delivered [the tribute to the Sea which was due him] as Ruler, l.p.h. [One of the gods said]:...[the] Sky. Now look, tribute is brought to him...his..., otherwise he will take us away cap[tive]...our own for...[Then] Ernutet [delivered] his tribute consisting of silver, gold, lapis lazuli, [and turquoise which filled] the boxes. Thereupon they said to the Ennead: Let...the tribute for the Sea in order that he may investigate for us [all] matters [pertaining to the Earth], (for) protection is in his charge. Is it that he will...?... since they are fearful of ... [ the tribu]te for the Sea. Let....[th]e tribute for the S[ea]....bad. And Ernutet took a...Astarte. Thereupon [Ernutet] said [to one of the] birds: hear what I have to say. You are not to depart...another. Hurry up and go to Astarte...[and fly to] her house and cry out beneath [the window of the room where] she is sleeping and tell her, If it should be that [you are awake, then hear my voice; but] if it should be that you are asleep, I will awa[ken you. The Ennead has to send tribute to the] Sea as Ruler over the [Earth and as Ruler over] the Sky. Please come before them right [away]... Asiatics. And Astra[rte] .... the daughter of Ptah, Now...[tribute] of the Sea, the ... [Please] go yourself carrying the tribute for [the Sea]... Then Astarte wept..., [and] its Ruler, l.p.h., was silent...: ... lift up your eyes... lift up your eyes and you shall...[ou]tside. [Thus she] delivered [the tribute for] the Sea, and she...sand making sport of him...[Then the Sea] saw Astarte as she was sitting on the shore of the sea. He said to her: Where have you come from, O daughter of Ptah, you furious and tempestuous goddess? Did you wear through your sandals that are your feet and did tear your garments that are on you when you were moving about between the sky and the earth? Thereupon [Astarte] said to him:... [Then the Sea said to Ptah]:...[the Enne]ad. If they give me your [daughter]...them. What shall I, on my part, do against them? And Astarte heard what the Sea had said to her, and she hastened to go before the Ennead to [the] place where they were gathered. And the great ones saw her and arose to meet her, and the lesser ones saw her and lay down on their bellies. and her throne was given to her, and she sat down. And the [tribute for the Sea] was presented to her beads....And the beads.... The messenger of Ptah went ot tell these matters to Ptah and Nut. Then Nut untied the beads which were at her throat. Lo, she put upon the balance ... Astarte: O my.... It is [a disp]te with the Ennead. Then he shall send and request...the signetring of Geb....[to fill] the balance with it. Then...him together with...s...[m]y basket of....her. And he ...s of the Sea...through the portals...portals. There came forth...servants of the.... If they come again....,he...[the Se]a, and he shall go to cover the ground and the mountains and ...his...[come] to fight with him inasmuch as ... sat himself down calmly. He wont come to fight with us. Thus Seth sat down.... ....You shall [protect] me together with your ....And the Sea left... And...he... The seven...him...together with the Sky and... (The manuscript of the story is lost beyond this point)
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