HLTH 230b Lecture 8: Global Health Governance and SDGs

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Global Health Studies
HLTH 230b
Kristina Talbert- Slagle

GLOBAL HEALTH: CHALLENGES AND RESPONSES 3/28/17: Global health governance and goals (Dr. Elizabeth Bradley)  Global health governance 1. Fostering facilitative decision-making environment based on transparency and accountability a. Encourages stakeholders to speak up 2. Identify and engage stakeholders representing full spectrum of interested parties 3. Develop collective vision of “ideal state” and make detailed plan with measurable goals for reaching it 4. Steward resources responsibility, building capacity a. Make sure resources go unwasted  Why care about governance? 1. Use health as an instrument to achieve other goals, like a. Military security o Health and security or unrest and very related b. Political stability c. Economic growth d. Justice and individual/social rights e. Health outcomes  Goals 1. MDGs by 2015 a. 18 targets and 48 indicators b. Written by group of experts at UN Summit Millennium Declaration o Closed process by limited group of people 2. Sustainable Development Goals by 2030 a. Sustain the goals by stewarding resources o 169 targets b. Written by many heads of states, stakeholders, civil societies (NGOs), private corporations o Multi-sector  Where did this come from? 1. Started with Pres. Wilson’s Fourteen Points a. Believed you can design a system that will benefit the world b. #14 was creation of league of nations c. Article 23 of League of Nations o Unify and broaden previous efforts on global health in “The Health Organization” o Prior history of global health is important  First International Sanitary Conferences in Paris, 1851-2  Focus on uniform quarantine standards to improve trade  Seven conferences later, cholera regulations, 1892  European focus (with industrialization)  Office International d’hygiene Publique d. League of Nations failed to take hold o U.S. did not come easily into global connectedness o They wanted to trade, and not inherit any bugs while trading o Polish man spearheaded The Health Organization, being influenced by Russia and China (communism)
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