HSHM 211 Lecture 17: Global Catastrophe 17

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Hist of Science, Hist of Med
HSHM 211
William Rankin

HSHM 211: GLOBAL CATASTROPHE SINCE 1750 4/12/17: The eternal optimism of human ecology  Two views 1. Frederic Clements a. Cooperative, holistic, organismic b. Humans are a disturbance c. We take our cue from nature 2. Alfred Tansley a. Competitive, individualistic, b. Eco-nomic, eco-system, eco-logy c. Humans are managers d. Nature takes its cues from us 3. Human-centric vs. bio-centric split even within ecology, even within our ideas of nature a. Or, maybe eco-logy and eco-nomics are not really very far apart  How to bridge divide? 1. Environmental economics a. Coming from economics b. Nordhaus 2. Ecological economics a. Coming from ecology 3. Echoes of 1920s and 30s a. Grand unification of ecology and economics, along with sociology, anthropology, geology, planning b. Mega-discipline of “human ecology”  Where is human ecology today? 1. Disciplinary problem 2. Conceptual problem of getting the human and nonhuman to work together  Chicago 1. Competitive process and struggle for existence among these disciplines a. Geographers tried to separate from geology b. Sociologists argued that they were not social workers or reformers, but scientists o “laboratory guide” for the study of “every-day occupations” c. Ecologists wanted to expand their turf o 1913: convergence “between general animal ecology and the ecology of man” 2. Sociology won human ecology a. Robert Park and Ernest Burgess o Chicago School of Urban Sociology o Published “Introduction to the Science of Sociology”  What does it mean to talk about community, competition, etc. as drivers of social order?  “The ecological conception of society is that of a society created by competitive cooperation.”  Immigrants: 4-stage theory of succession  Competition, conflict, accommodation, assimilation o Park: ecology is “an extension of the economics to the whole of life”  Or is economics just “the narrow and special study of the ecology of the very extraordinary community in which we live?”
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