MAT 1300

Mathematical Methods I

University of Ottawa

Review of elementary functions. Limits. Geometric series. Differential and integral calculus in one variable with applications. Functions of several variables. Partial derivatives.

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Termeh Kousha

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MAT 1300 Lecture 11: lecture 11

MAT 1300
Termeh Kousha
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MAT 1300
Termeh Kousha

MAT 1300 Syllabus for Termeh Kousha — Spring 2019

MAT1300C- Mathematical Methods I
Winter 2019
Professor: Dr. Termeh Kousha
E-mail :
Office : STM666 (STEM)
Mondays, 16:00 -17:20 MHN033
Wednesdays, 14:30 -15:50 MHN033
Discussion Group 1 Tuesday 11:30 - 13:00 STM 224
Discussion Group 2 Thursday 08:30 - 10:00 TBT070
Note that you are strongly encouraged to attend the DGD. The problems in the tests and
the final exam will be very similar to the problems that you will see in the DGD.
Office Hours:
Mondays 17:45-19:15
Description of Course:
Review of elementary functions. Limits, Differential and integral calculus in one variable
with applications. Functions of several variables. Partial derivatives.
The course goes rapidly. You are assumed to have a solid background in Ontario grade
12 Advanced Functions and Introductory Calculus (university preparation), MAT1319,
MAT0321 or OAC calculus. If you are unsure of your background, please come and see
Applied Calculus, By Shana Calaway, Dale Hoffman, David Lippman. This is an open
source book. You can download the pdf here:
Optional: Larson, Edwards, Brief Calculus, an Applied Approach. There is also an optional
student solution manual available. (Any Edition)
No calculators are permitted for this class.
Tests: There will be 2 Tests in the classroom (2 X 25%).
Test 1: Wednesday 6th February
Test 2: Monday 18th March
The 3 hour final exam (50%)
If your final exam mark is below 40%, then your final grade will be F regardless of
other marks
If a Test is missed for a valid reason, its percentage weight will be transferred to the final
exam provided you notify me your professor by e-mail before the test is
written and submit a proper justification (e.g. certificate from UO Health Services)
when you return to class.
Any attempt at copying is treated as a case of academic fraud, as is the facilitation of
copying by others. Students must take reasonable care to prevent others from copying
their work.
Talking and rudeness in class will not be tolerated. I can and will have
disruptive students removed from the course.
Drop-in Center:
The math help center is located in Math Center -STEM Complex, room 207.
From January 16 to April 7 (Excluding the study break in Februray):
Monday to Wednesday: 10:00-7:00, Thursday: 10:00-5:00 and Friday: 10:00-
For the study break, February 20-24, the center is open 10:00 to 3:00 Wednesday
through Friday (closed Monday, Feb. 20 and Tuesday, Feb. 21) There will be a
special schedule from April 10 to 27 (Study and Exams period) to be annouced
later. The staff can help with any questions you may have. Feel free to visit as
often as necessary.
Cheating entails very harsh penalties. We have unfortunately caught a number of
students cheating in this and other math courses over the last several years.
Possible punishments range from a grade of F in the course to expulsion from the
Use of cell phones during lectures is not allowed. Make sure your cell phone
is turned off.
The University of Ottawa does not tolerate any form of sexual violence. Sexual
violence refers to any act of a sexual nature committed without consent, such as
rape, sexual harassment or online harassment. The University, as well as student
and employee associations, offers a full range of resources and services allowing
members of our community to receive information and confidential assistance and
providing for a procedure to report an incident or make a complaint. For more
information, visit

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