MAT 1339

Introduction to Calculus and Vectors

University of Ottawa

Instantaneous rate of change as a limit, derivatives of polynomials using limits, derivatives of sums, products, the chain rule, derivatives of rational, trigonometric, exponential, logarithmic, and radical functions. Applications to finding maxima and minima and graph sketching. Concavity and points of inflection, the second derivative. Optimization in models involving polynomial, rational, and exponential functions. Vectors in two and three dimensions. Cartesian, polar and geometric forms. Algebraic operations on vectors, dot product, cross product. Applications to projections, area of parallelograms, volume of parallelepipeds. Scalar and vector parametric form of equations of lines and planes in two and three dimensions. Intersections of lines and planes. Solution of up to three equations in three unknowns by elimination or substitution. Geometric interpretation of the solutions.
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