Introduction to Management Functions

University of Toronto Mississauga

This course shows how the principal management disciplines provide analytical tools for understanding organizations and their management, how the disciplines inter-relate and how they underpin the activities of organizations. <strong>Not open to students enrolled in the 3rd or 4th year of the Commerce Major or Specialist program.
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David Swanston

MGM101H5 Syllabus for David Swanston — Fall 2018

MGM101H5F LEC0103
Introduction to Management Functions
Course Outline - Fall 2018
Class Location & Time Wed, 01:00 PM - 03:00 PM CC 1080
Instructor Dave Swanston
Office Location KN213
Office Hours Wednesdays 3-4pm
E-mail Address
Course Web Site
Teaching Assistant Sadaf Sheikh
E-mail Address
Course Description
This course shows how the principal management disciplines provide analytical tools for understanding organizations and their
management, how the disciplines inter-relate and how they underpin the activities of organizations. [24L]
Exclusion: MGTA02Y3, MGTA01H3, MGTA03H3, MGTA05H3, RSM100Y1 (SSc)
Distribution Requirement: SSc
Course Objective
This course is designed to introduce you to the role of management and the principal functions of business. We will encourage you
to think critically and to develop your understanding of what organizations do, and how they are strategically and sustainably
managed across a broad range of functions. The course also provides an introduction to the analytical tools for understanding
various types and sizes of organizations and their management, and utilizes case studies and real world illustrations of these
activities. Students will participate in a simulation game that will provide an opportunity to practically apply many of these
concepts in a business type setting.
MGM 101 is the first of two courses together with MGM 102, (which is offered in the following semester commencing in January
2019) designed to provide an introduction to the academic discipline of Management. It is a prerequisite course for entry to the
Management and Commerce Programs at UTM.
In MGM101 and MGM102 we also strive to help students develop the skills required for academic and professional success.
Course work is designed to promote group work, written and verbal communication, critical thinking, contextual intelligence, case
analysis, decision making and professional behavior. As a gateway to our Commerce and Management programs, these courses
will serve as a foundation for future study and establish the standard expected for students applying to enter our programs.
Textbooks and Other Materials
These materials cover the Canadian business environment, the functional fields of business, and current challenges for
management, as well as numerous real world examples & case studies. They are the source for a significant amount of MGM 101
course content. Many of the questions in the course tests focus specifically on the content of the assigned materials.
We will be using a custom EBook in this course along with an online simulation game. The EBook can be purchased online or by
purchasing an access code in advance at the bookstore front counter. Instructions for online purchase and download will be posted
on the course website. Students must acquire their own copies of these materials as soon as possible as there is a significant amount
of reading that will be required over the first few weeks. Students are expected to come to class having done all assigned readings
including any handouts. You will purchase the simulation online at using an assigned simulation ID that will allow you to access
the simulation website.
1. E-Book, Management MGM101 2018/2019. To access, carefully follow instructions on slides posted on course website.
2. Simulation Game, BizCafe, Deighan and James, Interpretive Simulations, Online purchase direct link: Instructions also posted on course website.
MGM101H5F - Swanston, Dave 2018-08-29 12:06:42 Page 1 of 10
Type Description Due Date Weight
Term Test Midterm Test #1 (Saturday of Thanksgiving weekend, do not book
2018-10-06 20%
Term Test Midterm Test #2 2018-11-10 20%
Assignment Simulation On-going 20%
Final Exam Final Exam (Date TBA) TBA 40%
Total 100%
Other Materials
Additional readings, assignments or other materials may be distributed throughout the semester, or posted in the documents section
of the course website.
Assessment and Grading Policies
Requirements and Criteria
The Department of Management reserves the right to consider factors beyond GPA including whether students are in good
academic standing with no make-up tests/assignments or deferred exams on their records, when considering who will be
offered admission to 2nd year COMMERCE/MANAGEMENT.
Midterm tests and final examination
The midterm tests will be 60 minutes in duration each. Midterm tests will be held on Saturdays at 8:00am on the assigned dates
included in the attached Course Schedule. Please note that the first midterm is scheduled for the Saturday before Thanksgiving and
Room assignments will be posted on the course website prior to each midterm. Material covered during classes 1 to 4 will be
covered on the first midterm test. The second midterm test will cover material from classes 5 to 8. The two-hour final exam is
cumulative and will cover material from the entire semester with greater weight on material covered from class 9 to the end of the
In the midterms and exam you will be tested on the assigned readings, and the material covered in class lectures. Tests will consist
of multiple choice questions and short answer questions. Generally, multiple choice questions are derived from material in the
assigned text readings, and short answer questions address material covered during the course lectures and class
discussions (including videos). Students MUST write the tests in their assigned room. Not writing in your assigned room will be
considered an absence and you will be assigned a grade of zero.
When you enter the room for each of the midterm tests, please leave all belongings, notes, books, etc. either at the front of the
room or in the designated area. We are not responsible for the security of your belongings so don't bring anything that you don't
want to leave unattended. Please bring with you only pencils (for Multiple Choice scantron sheet answers) and pens (for Short
Answer answers). You may also wish to have backup supplies, e.g. an eraser, a second pen and pencil. Note also that calculators
are not needed and are not permitted. If "white out" or pencil is used in a short-answer response, that response will not be eligible
for re-marking. No electronic devices may be present at your seat in any test or examination - this means no calculators, cell
phones, pagers, PDAs, audio players or other such items. (This is a University Policy, and any violation may constitute an
Academic Offence.)
You must show your T-Card (university student card) or government photo ID (driver's license, etc.) to one of the invigilators upon
request during each test. Students who do not have their ID available during the test must present it to the Course Coordinator
during office hours, or the Management Secretary within three calendar days of the test. Note that failure to do so will result in a
zero grade for the test.
All writing must cease and all writing utensils must be put down immediately when the test time expires. Students failing to do
so will have committed an Academic Offence resulting in penalties that may include grade deductions. Details of name, student
number and form letter for each test must be recorded correctly where required on computer answer sheets in the tests and exam
booklets during the test time in order to receive a grade. It will not be possible to make corrections after the end of the test, and
unreadable or improperly filled-in computer answer sheets will receive a grade penalty as indicated in the instructions on the front
MGM101H5F - Swanston, Dave 2018-08-29 12:06:42 Page 2 of 10
of the exam. All test materials, including short answer booklets, multiple choice question sheets and computer Scantron answer
sheets must be returned at the end of the test or exam. Failure to do so will result in a zero grade for the test.
If you must miss a test due to illness, you a required to follow the Management Department's procedures for missed tests as
outlined below. Students missing a midterm test must write a make-up midterm scheduled by the Course Coordinator prior to the
following class. It is the student's responsibility to know the date, time and location of the make-up midterm, which will be posted
on the course website. The UTM Academic Calendar provides complete details of the rules and procedures for tests and final
examinations, together with appeal procedures. You should make a point of reviewing them.
Students will work in assigned groups to create and manage a new Coffee Cafe during the semester. For nine consecutive simulated
operating weeks you will make decisions about the strategy, growth and operations of your company. Decisions will be
electronically submitted to the simulation web site according to the attached Course Schedule. Late decisions will result in a
grade of zero for the round, no exceptions. Teams will receive their own results immediately after submitting their decisions for
the week, and will receive competitive information during the following class. Decision submission instructions and performance
measurement criteria will be discussed during class. All team members must have registered online before the team will be able to
submit decisions.
There will be a preliminary group mark determined for your simulation team's performance. This group mark may then
be modified for each individual group member based on the results of a confidential peer evaluation. Students will receive an
individual mark (not a group mark) for the simulation which may, or may not, be the same as the group mark that is originally
determined or the mark given to other group members. This will help to recognize individual contributions and to promote equal
participation by group members. Students who do not contribute in a significant manner to their group, "free riders," may receive a
grade for the simulation as low as zero, at the discretion of the professor. Groups that have problems with one or more of their
members and have tried to correct the issue, are expected to inform the professor early during the game for guidance.
Conduct of Class
Intellectual Property
The educational materials developed for this course, including, but not limited to, lecture notes and slides, handout materials,
examinations and assignments, and any materials posted to the course website, are the intellectual property of the course instructor.
These materials have been developed for student use only and they are not intended for wider dissemination and/or communication
outside of a given course. Posting or providing unauthorized audio, video, or textual material of lecture content to third-party
websites violates an instructor's intellectual property rights, and the Canadian Copyright Act. Recording lectures in any way is
prohibited in this course unless specific permission has been granted by the instructor. Failure to follow these instructions may be in
contravention of the university's Code of Student Conduct and/or Code of Academic Conduct, and will result in appropriate
penalties. Participation in this course constitutes an agreement by all parties to abide by the relevant University Policies, and to
respect the intellectual property of others during and after their association with the University.
The lectures extend the study of the assigned text readings and introduce applications of the models and topics; videos are also used
occasionally to illustrate management in action. Most classes will begin with a discussion of a current news story relating to our
topics. Specified classes will end with a discussion of the simulation results.
This course will require students to study the assigned text material and prepare exercises and case study analysis for in-class
discussion. The lectures and seminars will reinforce key concepts and expand on assigned readings. Chapter content will not be
given detailed review in class. Students who have not completed the assigned readings prior to class often lack the foundation
needed and have difficulty understanding the topics discussed. Adjustments may be made to the class schedule to accommodate
guest speakers or to address current issues. Students are encouraged to ask questions, share their opinions, and to participate in
MGM101 demands focus and hard work to master the concepts. It is suggested that you immediately start reviewing and
understanding the assigned text readings. The short answer questions on tests and exam typically deal with the material covered
during the course lectures. So:
Come to class having competed the assigned work (including article reviews) so that you can understand the context of the
lecture, ask questions for clarification, and participate in class discussions and exercises.
Attend all class sessions and ensure that you take good notes.
Practice writing summaries of key points using the lecture slides, your class notes, and the text.
Practice answering questions - either ones you make up yourself or from other sources. Remember that your responses
should demonstrate your understanding of the various concepts, so writing in full sentences (not bullet points) is usually
MGM101H5F - Swanston, Dave 2018-08-29 12:06:42 Page 3 of 10
Students who do well in the course often extend their knowledge beyond the course material. So:
Read articles & listen to programs on management in newspapers, journals, books, online, and on radio and television.
Success on tests and exams requires well developed skills in clear, concise writing. So if you encounter problems in these areas:
Use the services of the Robert Gillespie Academic Skills Centre. The staff there has extensive experience in helping
students to succeed.
Participate in scheduled class workshops prior to the first midterm test.
Visit the Course Coordinator or Instructor during their office hours to discuss individual tips & strategies.
Practice, practice and practice some more.
Students often benefit from forming study groups to discuss concepts and prepare each other for tests
Logging in to your Course Website
Like many other courses, MGM101 uses Quercus for its course website and this will be the main channel of communication. To
access the MGM101 website, or any other Quercus-based course website, go to and log in using your UTORid
and password. Once you have logged in using your UTORid and password, look for the My Courses module, where you'll find the
link to the MGM101 course website along with the link to all your other Quercus-based courses.
Activating your UTORid and Password
If you need information on how to activate your UTORid and set your password for the first time, please go to Under the "First Time Users" area, click on "activate your UTORid" (if you are new to the university) or
"create your UTORid" (if you are a returning student), then follow the instructions. New students who use the link to "activate your
UTORid" will find reference to a "Secret Activation Key". This was originally issued to you when you picked up your Tcard at the
library. If you have lost your Secret Activation Key you can call 416-978-HELP or visit the Help Desk at the Information
Commons on the ground floor of Robarts Library to be issued a new one. The course instructor will not be able to help you with
this. 416-978-HELP and the Help Desk at the Information Commons can also answer any other questions you may have about your
UTORid and password.
Email Communication with the Course Instructor and Coordinator
Often, the course Instructor or Course Coordinator will send out important course information by email. This is important
information and you are responsible for the content so it is critical that you are checking your utoronto email account daily. To that
end, all UofT students are required to have a valid UofT email address and are responsible for any information or instructions
distributed. To ensure security, only UofT emails may be used for correspondence. Messages received from students using other
email addresses will not be read.
You are responsible for ensuring that your UofT email address is set up AND properly entered in the ROSI system, and for
checking that email daily. You can do that by using the following instructions.
To submit the information to activate your UTORid and password (see above), you will need to click the "Validate" button. Follow
the instructions on the subsequent screens to receive your address. Once you have your UofT email address, go to the
ROSI system (, log in and update the system with your new UofT email address.
You can check your UofT email account from:
1. The UofT home page From the Quick Links menu on the top right, choose "". Enter your
UTORid and password, and when the Welcome page opens, click "WEBMAIL".
2. Email software installed on your computer, for example Microsoft Outlook or Mozilla Thunderbird. Visit the Help Desk at the
Information Commons or call 416-978-HELP for help with the set up.
Forwarding your email to a Hotmail, Gmail, Yahoo or other type of email account is not advisable. In some cases,
messages from addresses sent to Hotmail, Gmail or Yahoo accounts are filtered as junk mail, which means that emails
from your course instructor may end up in your spam or junk mail folder.
You are responsible for:
1. Ensuring you have a valid UofT email address that is properly entered in the ROSI system
2. Checking your UofT email account daily for new messages.
If you have a question about the course, send a message to the Instructor. If your question is about tests, grades, make-up tests or
MGM101H5F - Swanston, Dave 2018-08-29 12:06:42 Page 4 of 10
administrative issues, contact the Course Coordinator using their contact information on the course website.
Procedures and Rules
Missed Test(s):
The following steps must be completed in order to be considered for academic accommodation for any missed test:
1. You must inform your professor in writing (e-mail is acceptable) within 24 hours of a test date/assignment due date of any
circumstances that prevent you from writing a test or submitting an assignment on time.
2. You must submit within 24 hours an online Petition for Academic Accommodation under:
3. Original supporting documentation (e.g. medical certificates, accident reports etc.) must be submitted within seven (7) days
from the date of the missed test or assignment date. Failure to submit appropriate documentation by the deadline will result
in a grade of zero on the test or assignment in question. False statements and/or documentation will be treated as academic
offences and handled accordingly.
In the case of illness, the required documentation is:
An original Verification of Student Illness or Injury ( form must show that the
physician was consulted within one (1) day of the test or assignment due date. A statement merely confirming a report of illness
made by the student is not acceptable (e.g. "This patient tells me that he was feeling ill on that day"). Failure to comply with this
policy will result in a grade of zero for the test or assignment in question.
Please Note: If you missed your test/assignment deadline for a reason connected to your registered disability, please be advised that
the department will accept documentation supplied by the UTM AccessAbility Resource Centre.
In cases of severe domestic affliction or other causes not related to the student's health, the required documentation is:
Additional Documentation that provides evidence of the nature of the affliction. Note that holidays and pre-purchased plane tickets,
family plans (unless critical, such as death of an immediate family member), your friend's wedding, lack of preparation, or too
many other tests are not acceptable excuses for missing a quiz, a test, or an item of course work.
Supporting documentation must be dropped off into the Department of Management’s drop box, located across from
KN205 in DROP BOX #9
The Committee will contact you after the submission of your petition to obtain any additional documentation that may be required
to assess your case fully.
Please note that the written explanation and documentation that you submit represent an appeal from you, requesting the
opportunity to account for that portion of your grade in an alternate manner than the normal one that is described in this course
outline. If an appeal is not received by the deadline specified above, or if the appeal is deemed unacceptable, you will receive a
grade of zero for the item you missed.
Once all documentation has been received, the Petition for Academic Accommodation will be reviewed by the Departmental
Petition Review Committee. Students will be informed of the Committee's decision via email within two (2) weeks. Please note
that students are required to submit their assignments as soon as they are able and they should NOT wait for the decision of the
If the appeal is granted -- that is, your reason for missing the item is considered acceptable by the Departmental Petition Review
Committee -- then, provided you have followed the alternate procedure described below, this work will receive a grade.
Students MAY NOT petition to re-write a test once the test has begun. If you are feeling ill, you must leave the room before
starting your test and seek medical attention immediately. As described above, you must have a physician fill out a UTM Student
Medical Certificate, and submit it along with an online Petition for Academic Accommodation into the drop box of the Department
of Management, located across from KN205 within one (1) week of the missed test.
Make-ups (Alternate Procedure):
Students who miss a midterm test or scheduled make-up test due to illness and have submitted a Petition for Academic
Accommodation are expected to write a make-up test which will often occur prior to receiving a decision about the petition.
Students should already have been prepared for the mid-term, so a make-up test will be scheduled as soon as possible but no later
than six days following the midterm. As per the instructions above, Ill students must contact the instructor in writing or via email
within 24 hours so that arrangements can be made.
MGM101H5F - Swanston, Dave 2018-08-29 12:06:42 Page 5 of 10
Students who miss a second midterm test or scheduled make-up test due to illness and have submitted a Petition for Academic
Accommodation will be required to complete an oral make-up test with the Instructor which will often occur prior to receiving
a decision about the petition. Students should already have been prepared for the mid-term, so a make-up test will be scheduled as
soon as possible but no later than six days following the missed test. As per the instructions above, Ill students must contact the
instructor in writing or via email within 24 hours so that arrangements can be made.
Students who miss a third midterm test or scheduled make-up test due to illness and have submitted a Petition for Academic
Accommodation will be required to meet with the Instructor and Department Chair to discuss their situation. Missed tests
should be rare so repeat occurances by the same students are particular cause for concern. Based on the outcome of this meeting, a
course of action will be determined. The meeting will be scheduled at a mutually convenient time as soon as possible, but no later
than six days following the midterm. As per the instructions above, Ill students must contact the instructor in writing or via email
within 24 hours so that arrangements can be made.
Re-marking: Unless there are problems, tests are usually returned to students following their next class after writing the test. All
questions about term tests, marks and requests to have tests remarked must be submitted to the Course Coordinator and will be
considered if the following conditions are met:
a. The term test is submitted to the Course Coordinator no later than three business days after the marked test has been returned
to the student and no later than eight busines days following the initial return of tests to the class;
b. The student submits a written explanation of specific concerns with their remark request as to why and where they are entitled to
more marks;
c. The Course Coordinator has no reason to believe the student has made any changes subsequent to the term test being returned.
The test must be witten in ink with no prior corrections made or white out used.
Students should be aware of the following:
Several tests are randomly scanned and saved before being returned,
Items submitted for remarking will be remarked in their entirety by the Course Coordinator and the mark awarded may
increase, decrease, or remain the same.
If a test is missed and the student does not provide acceptable documentation validating the explanation for absence, a grade of zero
will be assigned.
If missed tests will be reweighted to the final exam, the maximum weight of the final cannot exceed the limit outlined in the
University of Toronto Mississauga Academic Calendar (70% for first year courses and 80% for second, third, and fourth year
courses). If the exam will be greater than the allowable weight, a make-up assignment or test will be assigned by the instructor. If a
make-up is necessary, instructors will inform the student in writing to their utoronto email account. If no response is received within
3 business days, the make-up portion will receive a grade of zero.
Late Assignment(s):
Late submission of simulation decision will result in a grade of zero for the round. Students who have not registered for the
simulation by October 30th, without prior permission of the instructor, and/or who do not submit their simulation peer
evaluation by December 7th will receive a two mark reduction (out of the 20 available) in simulation grade for each whole
or part day.
If you anticipate missing an assignment deadline due to uncontrollable circumstances, you should contact the course instructor as
early as possible, but within at least 24 hours to explain the situation. As described above, you must submit a Petition for Academic
Accommodation, along with any additional documentation into the drop box of the Department of Management, located across
from KN205 within one (1) week of the missed assignment deadline. The reallocation of grades, if any, for assignment deadlines
missed for legitimate reasons will be made at the discretion of the instructor.
The Department of Management Program Office, including all staff and faculty members, cannot and will not accept late
assignments for course instructors. Once an assignment deadline has passed, students must contact the course instructor to
coordinate the assignment submission (if the instructor will accept a late assignment).
Final Exams:
MGM101H5F - Swanston, Dave 2018-08-29 12:06:42 Page 6 of 10
Final Examinations are scheduled, administered and governed by the policies set by the Office of the Registrar. Any student that is
granted a deferral by the Office of the Registrar will be required to write a deferred examination at the next exam-writing session
scheduled by the Office of the Registrar. Students should note that the deferred exam may not follow the same format as the exam
given in the regular writing session.
Students who cannot write a final examination due to illness or other serious causes must file an online petition within 72 hours of
the missed examination. Original supporting documentation must also be submitted to the Office of the Registrar within 72 hours
of the missed exam. Late petitions will NOT be considered. If illness is cited as the reason for a deferred exam request, a U of T
Verification of Student Illness or Injury Form must show that you were examined and diagnosed at the time of illness and on the
date of the exam, or by the day after at the latest. Students must also record their absence on ACORN on the day of the missed
exam or by the day after at the latest.
Academic Misconduct:
Students should note that copying, plagiarizing, or other forms of academic misconduct will not be tolerated. Any student caught
engaging in such activities will be subject to academic discipline ranging from a mark of zero on the assignment, test or
examination to dismissal from the university as outlined in the academic handbook. Any student abetting or otherwise assisting in
such misconduct will also be subject to academic penalties.
Normally, students will be required to submit their course essays to for a review of textual similarity and detection of
possible plagiarism. In doing so, students will allow their essays to be included as source documents in the reference
database, where they will be used solely for the purpose of detecting plagiarism. The terms that apply to the University's use of the service are described on the web site.
Standard of Conduct in this Course:
Since this course is part of a degree designed to give you a broad understanding of the world of business, we aim to run the course
in a way which will be consistent with the world of business - where many of you will spend your working lives. We strive to
provide accurate information, quality materials and good service, consistent with our obligations to maintain the high academic
standards of the Department of Management at the University of Toronto Mississauga
In return we expect that you will conduct yourself in a way that prepares you for the world of work.
1. We start on time, so please do not arrive late and disrupt others.
2. Leaving class early is also disruptive to your colleagues and will not be permitted unless you have made prior arrangements
with the instructor.
3. Turn off your cell phone.
4. Keep up to date. Make sure that you know the class schedule. Check on the course web page for updates and posted
5. During the class, respect the learning opportunities of others. Don't distract others by chatting to your neighbour. Our
expectation is that you will not only contribute in class to your own learning, but also that of others.
MGM101H5F - Swanston, Dave 2018-08-29 12:06:42 Page 7 of 10
Date Topic
2018-09-12 Topic
EBook Chapter Readings and Assignment
Introduction To Course and Subject
2018-09-19 Introduction To Management and Business continued
EBook Chapters 1 and 2
2018-09-26 Evolution of Management
EBook Chapter 3
2018-10-03 Ethical Management and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)
EBook Chapter 4
2018-10-06 Test #1 (Classes 1 to 4), 8:00am Room Assignments To Be Posted On Course Website
2018-10-17 Forms of Business Ownership
EBook Chapter 5
2018-10-24 The Business Environment
EBook Chapter 6
Simulation Manual (Online)
2018-10-29 Simulation Practice Round Decision Submission 7:00pm Deadline
2018-10-31 Planning, Business Strategy
EBook Chapter 7
Find Assigned Simulation Team Members in Class, exchange contact information and schedule first meeting.
2018-11-03 Simulation Round #1 Decision Submission 3:00pm Deadline
Course Schedule
MGM101H5F - Swanston, Dave 2018-08-29 12:06:42 Page 8 of 10
2018-11-05 Simulation Round #2 Decision Submission 7:00pm Deadline
2018-11-07 Organizing
EBook Chapter 8
Human Resource Management
EBook Chapter 9
2018-11-10 Test #2 (Classes 5 to 8), 8:00am Room Assignments To Be Posted On Course Website
2018-11-12 Simulation Round #3 Decision Submission 7:00pm Deadline
2018-11-14 Leadership
EBook Chapter 10
2018-11-17 Simulation Round #4 Decision Submission 3:00pm Deadline
2018-11-19 Simulation Round #5 Decision Submission 7:00pm Deadline
2018-11-21 Operations Management
EBook Chapter 11
2018-11-24 Simulation Round #6 Decision Submission 3:00pm Deadline
2018-11-26 Simulation Round #7 Decision Submission 7:00pm Deadline
2018-11-28 Financial Management
EBook Chapter 12
EBook Chapter 13
2018-12-01 Simulation Round #8 Decision Submission 3:00pm Deadline
2018-12-03 Simulation Round #9 Decision Submission 7:00pm Deadline
MGM101H5F - Swanston, Dave 2018-08-29 12:06:42 Page 9 of 10
2018-12-05 Marketing
EBook Chapter 13
TBA Final Examination
Last Date to drop course from Academic Record and GPA is November 8, 2018.
MGM101H5F - Swanston, Dave 2018-08-29 12:06:42 Page 10 of 10

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