MATH 1300

Differential Calculus with Applications

York University

Limits, derivatives with applications, antiderivatives, fundamental theorem of calculus, beginnings of integral calculus.

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Shu Xiao Li

MATH 1300 Syllabus for Shu Xiao Li — Fall 2018

MATH1300: Differential Calculus with
Shu Xiao Li
Fall, 2018
Instructor: Shu Xiao Li Office: DB 2025
Email: Office hour: Monday 10 – 12, or by appointment
Course Schedule: Monday, Wednesday and Friday 8:30 – 9:20 a.m. at DB 0016
Course Website:
Textbook: James Stewart Calculus: Early Transcendentals, eighth edition
Grading Scheme: Assignments: 15%
Two Term Tests: 20%+20%
Final Exam: 45%
Assignments: There will be ten assignments. The assignments are posted on
WebAssign with class key 2380 1784. You also need an access code to
register. You can buy a textbook from the bookstore, in which an access code is
included. Or you can buy the access code alone, in which an electronic version of
the textbook is included.
Tests: There will be two in-class tests scheduled on Oct. 5th and Nov. 9th. The
date of final exam is to be determined. There will be NO make-up tests. If you
miss a test with valid reasons, you must email the instructor and submit appropriate
documents. Then its weight will be shifted to the final exam. Calculators are NOT
allowed for this course.
Topics to be covered: Chapter 2 – 5 of the textbook. Limits, derivatives,
differentiation rules, mean value theorem, L’H´opital’s rule, Riemann sum,
fundamental theorem of calculus.

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