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General Chemistry 2

25 skills
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From baking a cake to selecting the right cleaning reagents, chemistry is part of our everyday lives.

In general chemistry 2, students will learn about chemical kinetics, chemical equilibrium, acids and bases, aqueous ionic equilibrium, Gibbs energy and thermodynamics, and electrochemistry.
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Learn career transferable skills using our step by step personalized teaching methods. Each booster class is divided by skills that are connected to the chapters in your textbook of choice.

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Why learn chemistry

Studying chemistry is essential for anyone who seeks to understand the world we live in.
Chemistry is often called the central science has it connects the various physical sciences with the life science and applied sciences such as engineering.
The mastery of chemistry can enhance the odds of improving your income. Its application in society has produced incredible value and wealth.
Some examples of economic sectors enabled by using chemical processes are the pharmaceutical industry, food processing, oil & gas, hazardous waste management and mining.

About our lecturers

OneClass lecturers have one thing in common, they specialize in one on one personalized education. For this reason, they have a lot of experience in spotting the bottlenecks that can affect your progress in learning all the intricacies of General Chemistry 2.
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Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics
Prior to becoming a full-time educator, I pursued extensive studies in life and chemical sciences, and I have been rigorously trained to teach biology, chemistry, and mathematics both at the high school and university level.

What is special about the OneClass approach?

We like to think of OneClass as a personalized class of one. A class where the learning outcomes of each student is not taken for granted. We want to make sure each student can express their needs and that as an organization, we are listening, adapting and improving our offerings continuously. Unleashing the potential of each student being the ultimate goal, we are committed to bringing you with us on this journey of discovery.

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When you purchase one booster class, we will give a free class to students who need it most. We see education as the power to build something better. Giving a class to someone in need means that we can empower that student to do better, be better, and make an impact on their local community.

Education is the cornerstone to a better world. When we #MakeEducationPersonal, each student now can be empowered to do more, learn better, and create a better world for all of us.

Skills you will learn

This course is divided in 25 distinct skills. You can re-order the skills if needed. All skills are connected to sections in your favourite textbook.

Student ratings

Extremely detailed and surprised it covers most of my Chem II course that I'm taking at PSU and more! Definitely can recommend this to others looking to improve their grades.
Had to retake the course this semester and having this resource with me helps a lot to make sure I pass this time around. I really like how I can keep my notes tidy here vs my own notes.
Loved working with the tutor to help answer the homework questions I had related to my Booster Class. They helped clarify the exercise questions that were asked in the class package plus they were super nice in helping me with my "real-world" class as well.