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Anthony Donoghue
Columbia University

About your instructor

Anthony obtained his higher education at University College Dublin in Dublin, Ireland. He completed his bachelors’ degree in Economics and Statistics and his masters’ degree in Statistics. He began his career in the health industry primarily working as a statistician for Pfizer Pharmaceuticals. A search for more fulfilling work began with him tutoring high-school students in statistics. From this experience his passion for teaching grew, leading to his first teaching position at Columbia University in the Fall of 2009.

At Columbia University, he has taught statistics and statistical thinking to every type of student; students from non-mathematical disciplines to students from heavy mathematical disciplines. He has taught freshmen through to seniors plus students from Columbia’s high school taking college-level courses. He has taught his courses in-person and on-line from small seminar type classes to classes with over a hundred students.

His approach to teaching statistics and statistical thinking stems from the fact that statistics is not a branch of mathematics. It is the application of mathematics to data in order to turn data into meaningful information. It is about learning how to reason with and understand variation in data in order to make good decisions about how the world works. Out of his dedication to this teaching philosophy grew his textbook titled “Statistical Thinking through Media Examples”. The textbook was written as a concise narrative where the statistical concepts are explained with minimal mathematical calculations through engaging and up-to-date media examples. The textbook lays down the foundations in statistical thinking, a necessary first step for any student interested in understanding how to question and reason with the world using data and statistics.

Together with a well-designed curriculum and course materials Anthony has successfully communicated and taught challenging statistical concepts to thousands of students during his teaching career. In his courses, the student gains a rigorous understanding of important statistical concepts and their application without too many mathematical calculations. The computer software takes care of the calculations so students can focus on what the calculations actually mean. The student leaves the course with the ability to question and critique the quality of data and research, plus a solid understanding of how to apply the core tools of statistical analysis

As a teacher and a writer, the challenge that Anthony Donoghue has put before himself is to effectively communicate statistical thinking concepts to as broad an audience as possible. In a world inundated with information and data, statistical thinking has become an absolute necessity. Statistical thinking enables the student to question the world of data for themselves so they can make better, more-informed and well-reasoned decisions. To succeed in this goal, Anthony will continue to be an innovator, searching for new ways to communicate these important statistical concepts to his students.

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Student ratings

I had taken Statistics in high school and I wasn’t a big fan. However, I took this course because it was one of my degree requirements. From day 1, I could tell that the instructor was really passionate about what he was teaching. A few quizzes were really tough, but I was always able to get help from the TA and instructor outside of class hours. I strongly recommend this course to anyone who isn’t a math major.
Anita M.
I wanted a way to try out Statistics with no risk to my GPA. OneClass gave me the chance to take this course completely risk-free, and transfer the credit if I did well. The teaching assistant I had was really helpful throughout the semester and was so patient to help me through all of my questions. I thought the pace could have been a little faster but other than that, I would give this course a 5 out of 5.
Jian Z.
This was my second time taking Statistics and I really didn’t want to have to take it again for a third time. The instructor was really attentive to all of the students and he was able to adjust the pace of the class if he saw that everyone was falling behind. It was a completely different experience than when I took the course at my own school. The price was also a huge plus for me, knowing that I was only spending a fraction of what I would pay to take the course at my own school. If you’re a student on a budget and you’re paying your own way through college, there is absolutely no reason for you not to take this or any other course through OneClass.
Yeonchae P.

Frequently asked questions

What is the cost of these for-credit courses?
It is $330 to sign up for each class and the cost is the same for any one of our courses.
Which schools do these credits transfer to?
All of our credits are transferable to 98%+ of any college or university in the US.
How do I transfer these credits to my school?
The process is quite simple. After you’ve enrolled in our class, send your school registrar a short email notifying them of your enrollment in our classes, along with the class syllabus. If you have any questions about the process, you can also get in touch with us any time at
I’m still a little confused about the transfer process, can I get some more information about it?
Sure! We’ve actually created a simple guide to summarize the process in a few easy steps. You can see it here - OneClass Transfer Credit Guide
Do these credits count towards my GPA?
For the majority of US colleges and universities, the final grade of any transfer credits from another institution do not count towards your cumulative GPA. Upon successful transfer of your earned credits, your transcript will list the amount of credits completed.
How often do the classes meet?
Depending on the course you select, the meeting time may be once or twice per week with each lecture being 2 hours in length. If your class meets once per week, the lecture will be 3 hours in length with a break in between. The semester will last approximately 10 weeks.
What format are the classes in?
We will be using Moodle for all class communication and discussions. For the lectures, they will be conducted via Zoom and you will be able to see your instructor via video.
Who are teaching the classes?
Our instructors are extremely experienced and the majority of them are current instructors at institutions such as Harvard University, Columbia University and New York University. You can read more about each of our instructors on each of our course pages.
How do I earn the credit/minimum requirements to pass?
The minimum requirement for you to be able to successfully transfer your credits is typically a final grade of C in the course or better. Depending on your instructor, your knowledge of the course material will be assessed through assignments, quizzes, essays and term tests.
Who can purchase these classes and use these credits?
Any student who is intending to attend post-secondary studies, whether it be at a college or university in the US is eligible to sign up and enroll in our courses.
Do you accept students from outside of North America?
Yes! If you’re a prospective or current international student, you can definitely sign up and enroll in any of our courses.
What if my school is not able to accept the transfer credit from OneClass?
Our support team will work with you to do everything possible to assist you in successfully transferring the credit. However, the decision to accept the transfer credit rests with your institution. In the unlikely event that you are unable to transfer your credits to your institution, we will provide you with a full refund.
I can’t find my school on your list, what should I do?
Even if your school is not on the list, there is a very high probability that your school’s registrar will be able to accept our course credits. We’ve summarized the entire process for you into a few short steps - OneClass Transfer Credit Guide. If you have any additional questions, or if you’d like us to help you through the transfer credit process, simply get in touch with us at
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