Single-Variable Calculus

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Introduction to derivatives, calculation of derivatives of algebraic and trigonometric functions; applications including curve sketching, related rates, and optimization. Exponential and logarithm functions.

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Liu, W

MATH 2A Syllabus for Liu, W — Fall 2018

Math 2A suggested syllabus
2018–19 academic year
(based on 29 lectures)
Text: Stewart, Calculus: Early Transcendentals or Single Variable Calculus: Early transcendentals, 8th
Edition or UCI Custom Edition, 8th Edition.
Lecture Section Topic
1 1.1, 1.2, 1.3 Four ways to represent a function, Mathematical models, Transformations of graphs
2 1.4 Exponential Functions. Start 1.5.
3 1.5 Inverse Functions and logarithms
4 2.1, 2.2 Tangent and Velocity Problems, Limit of a Function
5 2.3 Calculating Limits from Limit Laws
6 2.5 Continuity
7 2.6 Limits at Infinity, Horizontal Asymptotes
8 2.7 Derivative and Rate of change
9 2.8 Derivative as a function
10 Review
11 Midterm #1
12 3.1, 3.2 Derivative of a Polynomial and Exponential Function, Product and Quotient Rules
13 3.2, 3.3 Derivative of Trigonometric Functions
14 3.4 Chain Rule
15 3.5 Implicit Differentiation
16 3.6, 3.8 Derivative of Logarithm Functions
17 3.8, 3.9 Exponential Growth and Decay
18 3.9 Related Rates
19 3.10 Linear Approximation and Differentials, Review
20 Midterm #2
21 4.1 Maximum and Minimum Values
22 4.2 Mean Value Theorem
23 4.3 How derivatives affect the shape of a graph
24 4.4 Indeterminate Forms and l’Hˆ
opital’s rule
25 4.5 Curve Sketching
26 4.7 Optimization
27 4.9 Antiderivatives
28 Catch-up and Review
29 Review for final
In case of a quarter with 28 lectures, skip the “Catch-up and review” day prior to the final.


MATH 2A Syllabus for JESSIE, D. — Fall 2018

Meeting Information
Room: SSH 100
Day & time: M W F 8:00 - 8:50 AM
Instructor Information
Daniel Jessie
Office Location: 426 Rowland Hall
Office Hours: TBA
Class Links
Calculus 2A/2B Resources
WebWork (on campus)
Common Final Exam Info
Disability Services Center
Webwork (10%), Quizzes (10%), Two exams (20% each), Common Final (40%)
The first assignment will be posted during week 2. From on campus, you can use this
If you are having trouble logging in, please install the VPN software from and access Webwork through this.
Quizzes will be given each week in section. There are no make-up quizzes, but your
lowest two scores will be dropped.
Exams are given in class on Monday, Oct. 22nd, and Wednesday, Nov. 14th. You
must bring a photo ID to the exams. There are no make-up exams.
The common final for all 2A students is on Sat, Dec 8, 1:30-3:30pm. The location is
Suggested Homework:
In order to do well on the exams and final, I strongly recommend that you create a
study group to work together on the suggested homework from the textbook. The
suggested homework problems can be found in the class files section below.
Stewart, Calculus: Early Transcendentals, 8th Edition or Single Variable Calculus:
Early transcendentals, 8th Edition or UCI Custom Edition, 8th Edition.
Add/Drop Policy:
All add/drop/change requests can be done on-line for the first 2 weeks of classes via
Neither the instructors nor the department office can help students get into a class
which is full or waitlisted, or switch to a different discussion. All the enrollment,
including waitlist, is done electronically. The department does not sign add/drop cards
at any time.
No adding courses is allowed after week 2. No exception.
Dropping or changing grade option after week 2 is extremely difficult. Students submit
an enrollment exception via Student Access. Dean’s approval is required. (It is granted
Make-up Final Exam Policy:
It is expected that students will make every effort to take their final exam at the
scheduled time. However, requests for make-up final exams will be considered under
the following guidelines:
· A student will be granted a make-up if the Saturday final exam time violates the
student’s religious creed.
· A student may be granted a make-up exam at the discretion of the course
facilitator if the exam time would result in loss of wages constituting financial hardship,
need for child care resulting in financial hardship, inability to procure transportation or
loss of employment.
· A student may be granted a make-up exam at the discretion of the course
facilitator if there is a verifiable emergency, which prevents the student from taking the
final examination at the scheduled time. Such emergencies include, but are not limited
to, serious illness, death of immediate family member, or serious accident.
· A student will be granted a make-up if they are enrolled in Math 2B at the same
time they are re-taking Math 2A for a higher grade.
· During Fall, Winter and Spring, students registered with the Disability Services
Center (DSC) will be taking the exam at DSC on Saturday at the same time of the
regular exam. During the Summer, DSC students will have to request a make-up
exam. (All such requests will be approved.)
In all cases, the petition for make-up final exam must be presented with verifiable
evidence. Vacation plans will not constitute a legitimate excuse.
Class Files
Campus Resources
Academic Integrity policies
Research resources
Class website for MATH 2A LEC A: CALCULUS (44080) - Sitemap
Hosted on the Electronic Educational Environment at the University of California, Irvine
Last modified on September 26, 2018 at 11:46am
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