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Using the correct definite article, you will write down what course you will study with the given subject or object. Un ordinateur - les math matiques, la comptabilit , la accountant. Based on the given verbs of activity, you will choose what activity the people will do tomorrow. Choose a logical verb to complete the sentence : jouer, tudier, regarder la t l , cuisiner, voyager. 1: marie est en vacances (to be on vacation). Il va regarder la t l : ma m re a faim ( to be hungry). Couter de la musique passer un examen naviguer sur internet danser chanter. Review: the verb e tre and descriptive adjective. Complete each sentence with the correct form of the e tre and an adjective. Attention to the agreement of the adjective and the noun it modifies: les tudiants sont intelligents. Je suis charmante: le fran ais est amusant, l"histoire est utile.

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