BIO 201 Midterm: Practice Test Exam 1 -Key(1)

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13 Oct 2021

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Houses wbc involved in immunity c. supplies blood with oxygen d. eliminates nitrogenous wastes: which of the following is not a function of the lymphatic system? a. Picks up leaked fluid & returns to blood b. Which layers in closer to the body wall? a. visceral serosa b. thoracic serosa c. parietal serosa: the plasma membrane is selectively permeable. Which of the following are impermeable to the plasma membrane? (select all that are true) a. hydrophobic molecules b. hydrophilic molecules c. lipid-soluble molecules d. water-soluble molecules: when does dna form a nucleosome? a. When double-stranded dna is wrapped around 8 histone proteins b. What plane of section does this cut represent? a. transverse b. midsagittal c. coronal/frontal d. oblique: there are three types of cell junctions in the body. What intercellular junction acts like a corset in that it creates a barrier so not just any substance and molecule can pass through cells? a. cilia b.

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