PHLC99H3 Final: PHL A11 2020 Writing Assignment-1

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21 Oct 2021

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Instead, simply number your answers clearly ( 1. ", 2. ", 3. "): you should cite any sources you use. I do not recommend looking at any secondary sources it is best to focus on the readings (in this case, mill) and what we covered in lecture. But if you do refer to any secondary sources, be sure to cite them properly. Any standard citation method is acceptable (apa, mla, chicago manual of style). Whatever style you use, it is important to be consistent and accurate with your citations: you should be citing the mill article, since two of the questions are about that article. You should be indicating, through your citations, where the relevant passages are in the mill text. This is so whether or not you quote directly from the text: do not include lengthy quotes from the text. Short quotes are fine, but you should be primarily explaining things in your own words.

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