REL 313 Study Guide - midterm Guide: Nestorianism, Monergism, Complementarianism

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15 Nov 2021

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Augustine"s view of sin - original sin, free will not inferred by sin, depraved human nature, jesus came to set the captives free. Complementarianism - genders are meant to complement each other by having distinct. Preexistent - the word, god roles body. Monergism - salvation only by god"s grace without the help of human free will. Creationist anthropology - god created jesus" human spirit and implanted it in jesus". Arianism - the son is eternal and unchanging like the father. Patripassianism - god the father died on the cross. Apollinarius - jesus had a human body but an irrational soul. Eutychianism - jesus only has divine nature. Synergism - our will and god"s will cooperate in salvation. Cerinthianism - jesus was a man anointed with the spirit. Paul of samosata - god is 1 person; jesus is adopted. Nestorian heresy - jesus is 2 persons: 1 divine and 1 human.

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