Management MGT 3303 Chapter Notes - Chapter 2: Organizational Architecture, Learning Organization, Telecommuting

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Structuring and designing organizations organizing- the function of management in which the organization"s structure is created organization design-when managers develop or change the organization"s structure. 1. work specialization- dividing work activities into separate job tasks; also called division of labor. Work specialization allows organizations to efficiently use the diversity of skills that workers have. it helps employees be more efficient. 4. geographic departmentalization-grouping activities on the basis of geography or territor. 4. span of control-the number of employees a manager can efficiently and effectively supervise. 5. centralization-the degree to which decision making takes place at upper levels of the organization. decentralization-the degree to which lower-level managers provide input or actually make decisions. When designing a structure, managers may choose one of the traditional organizational de signs. S u m m a r y : describe six key elements in organizational design. The first element, work specialization, refers to dividing work activities into separate job tasks.