GPSY 5110 Study Guide - Osmoreceptor, Cognitive Restructuring, Clapping

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11 Feb 2022

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Motivation and emotion: explain the concept of motivation. The concept of motivation focuses on the explanation of the causes of behaviour. The term motivation has been derived from the latin word "movere", which refers to the movement of activity. The everyday behaviour is explained in terms of motives. For instance, earning money is the motive behind going to work. Similarly, the motive behind attending school/college is getting good education or acquiring a degree so that one can get a good job. The biological bases of hunger and thirst needs are those which are indicated by events inside and outside the body. Every organism has needs that produce drive and stimulate behaviour. It leads to certain actions towards achieving certain goals and reducing the drive. The stimuli for hunger include stomach contractions, low concentration of glucose in the blood, nerve impulses sent by liver to the brain and external factors like aroma, taste and appearance of food.

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