CHE 111 Study Guide - Water Pollution, Dry Cleaning, Arsenic

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11 Feb 2022

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The main causes for pollution is/are _________ (a) (c) deforestation increase in population (b) urbanisation (d) all. Which one is not a pollutant? (a) (c) sulphurdioxide lead (b) sea water (d) mercury. Sink is _________ (a) a substance that pollutes air (b) a medium which that affected by the pollutant (c) a substance released in the environment due to human activity (d) a medium which reacts with the pollutant. Carbondioxide is an example of ____________ (a) quantitative pollutant (c) degradable pollutant (b) qualitative pollutant (d) non degradable pollutant. An example of a non degradable pollutant is _______ (a) carbondioxide (c) d. d. t (b) (d) no2+ sewage. Radioactive materials and plastics are example of ________and _______ pollutants respectively (a) biodegradable (c) biodegradable and primary (b) non degradable (d) non degradable and biodegradable. The main source for the pollutant cfc is _______ (a) power house (c) textile mile (b) chemicals uses for dry cleaning (d) refineries spores (b) asbestosis (d) lead spray collector.