SOC 328 Study Guide - Midterm Guide: Identity Politics, Intersectionality, Roman Republic

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29 May 2022

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Sports contests send an influential message: not everyone can win. Winners have talent, discipline, and luck, while losers suffer from lack of talent, inferior self-discipline, and/or bad luck. This view suggests that fair competition produces just results. Overall, shapiro"s view and critique of intersectionality was very demeaning in a way. A unique and effective means by which men keep women in check. Men have the capacity to rape, and women are, accordingly, vulnerable. Most rape occurs between people who know each other. In the case of harassment, this unwanted contact (physical, visual, aural, etc) involves the violation of another"s body, which is a violation of human dignity. If one"s body is not one"s own, then one is not free; sexual harassment is the reenactment of slavery: how does mackinnon assert we learn about women"s lives? (28) Sept 21st oct 19th: by listening to them; by hearing their own stories in their own words.

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