PSY 311 Study Guide - Skeptical Movement, Falsifiability, Psy

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29 May 2022

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Psy 311 chapters 1 4: many occupations require the use of research findings (mental health professionals, business environments, and educators, scientific research has become prominent in public policy and judicial decisions. Anecdote : story that is told in order to convey information or to provide an example. **** = end of a chapter: we should always ask whether the opinion can be tested scientifically or whether scientific evidence exists that relates to the opinion. Pseudoscience: claiming that you"re doing scientific research when you actually aren"t (it is not a form of science more of an approximation, example facilitated communication. Description of behavior: behavior can be directly observable or something less observable. (self-reports of perceptions less observable) Interested in describing the ways in which events are systematically related to one another (do jurors judge attractive defendants more leniently than unattractive defendants) Explanations often must be discarded or revised as new evidence is gathered.

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