ENG122 Lecture Notes - Jonathan Rauch, Literal And Figurative Language

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The article i chose to analyze this term is, caring for your introvert: the habits and needs of a little- understood group by jonathan rauch. The authors main purpose is to advise extroverts of the false impressions regarding introverts and to identify introverts as a customary part of our society. Additionally, the authors purpose is also to advise extroverts about routines or the needs of introverts around them. The author switches to first person at one point to demonstrate that he too is an introvert by saying, i know. My name is jonathan, and i am an introvert. this conveys to the audience that the author connects personally to what they are corresponding. Some key points to take away from the article are that the author comes across intense by saying things such as: inscrutable as puppy dogs , little or no grasp and frequently inescapable to describe extroverts.

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