SOCL 220 Chapter Notes -Milgram Experiment, Formal System, Ritualism In The Church Of England

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Deviance: behavior that violates the standards of conduct or expectations of a group or society. Comprehensive concept: includes not only criminal behavior but also many actions that are nor subject to persecution. Deviation from norms is not always negative, let alone criminal. Deviance is subject to social definition within a particular society and at a particular time. Stigma: labels society uses to devalue members of certain social groups. Stigmatization affects those with mental illness, those who look different from others, and those who previously engaged in unacceptable behaviors. Some types of deviance will stigmatize a person, while others will not. Technology can redefine social interactions and the standards of behavior related to them. There have been calls to establish formal rules for various online behaviors. Some deviant uses of technology are criminal. Social control: the techniques and strategies for preventing deviant behavior in any society. Bureaucratic organizations: formal system of rules and regulations.