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Of all the fictional characters that i have met via: books or television, one stands out amongst the rest, atticus finch; the hero of harper lee"s famous book to kill a mocking. The reason why atticus finch i identify most with because he is kind and understanding. Atticus finch expresses everything that a person should strive to be, whether he is a father, lawyer, friend or foe. He excludes prominent traits admired by his children or community. He is a man of great strength and courage and stands honest and upright character. He is a teacher, a protector, and a friend and takes on these responsibilities without hesitation. This character influences me on many levels, from teaching me to take responsibility for my actions to not backing down when injustice is being done. The whole story revolves around racism and tried to assimilate in my life. Atticus"s interaction with his how atticus, being a white, defends a black man.

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