SCIE T129 Study Guide - Unsaturated Fat, Saturated Fat, Monosaccharide

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Part a. classify each as a carbohydrate, protein, or lipid: carbohydrate, lipids. Cellulose: protein amino acid, lipids, protein saturated fat polypeptide chain, lipids unsaturated fatty acid. Part d: short answer: list three functions of lipids in the cell. A: chemical messengers, transports fat-soluble nutrients, and energy storage for organisms: define the terms polymer and monomer and describe how polymers are formed from monomers. A: polymers are made up of monomers by the formation of the chemical bonds by the process of polymerization. Monomers- are smaller organic molecules and polymers- are long molecules built by linking repeating building blocks. A: saturated fatty acids have the maximum number of hydrogen and no double bonds and unsaturated have one or more double bonds. 26 explain how polymers are related to monomers. A: monomers from polymers through the process called polymerization, so monomers are small than they can join together and form large molecules which those are polymers.

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