MEDS 21002 Study Guide - Quiz Guide: Granulation Tissue, Vascular Permeability, Blood Vessel

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30 Nov 2022

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Unit 5 - nursing support of tissue integrity. Risk of tissue injury: dry mucous membranes, poor skin turgor, advanced aging and dehydration. : tearing of the skin and tissue with blunt or irregular instrument, tissue not aligned often with: contusion. : blunt instrument, overlying skin remains intact, with injury to underlying soft tissue, possible. : cutting or sharp instrument; wound edges in close approximation and aligned. Involved blood vessels constrict and blood clotting begins through platelet activation. After only a brief period of constriction, these same blood vessels dilate and capillary permeability increases, allowing plasma and blood components to leak out into the area that is injured, forming a liquid called exudate. The accumulation of exudate causes swelling and pain. Increased perfusion results in heat and redness: platelets are also responsible for releasing substances that stimulate other cells to migrate to the injury to participate in the other phases of healing.

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